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Everybody sells herbs. But here you will get tried and tested herbal products, which will enhance your beauty and health.  Most of the herbs we have listed are part of our family's reflection of a golden history of almost 500 years (visit www.kamdartree.com for more information). Most of the herbs were tried by us from generation to generation and  we benefited and enjoyed their fruits.  We recommend and encourage you to try these herbal remedies with confidence and with a 100% money back guaranteed. We don't just sell herbs, but we ourselves use them. 

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Milli Desai and Ketki Desai


Anoop Herbal Hair Oil

Gotu Kola Fresh Basil Oil

Ashvagandha Chausath Puri Pimpari

Hair Dye Gold Tumeric Skin Cream

Ginkgo Biloba Shikakai Shampoo Bottle

Shikakai Shampoo Shop     Maha Sudarshan Churna (Janda)

Valerian     Vicco Tumeric Skin Cream

Hawthorn Berries     Kava Kava

Khadira Gutika        
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